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The season isn’t over yet, and I have one more criterium and road race this weekend in Greenville, SC before I hang up the road bike and switch to the cross bike.  However, I quickly scanned some posts from June and noticed the fatigue issues that bothered me back in June.  I think the biggest difference between then and now (recovering quickly) is the introduction (or reintroduction) of punchy group rides.  I focus on a lot of SST / FTP type efforts in the early Spring to raise FTP.  Once you go down that path, it is very painful and uncomfortable to add in intensity.  I added in intensity via Tuesday Night Crit, but it isn’t the same type of intensity that you find on a Strava segment where you go 100% for 1 min, recovery for 5 min at fast tempo and do it again.  The Tuesday Night Crit has attacks and counter attacks,  but they are short 5 – 10 sec efforts followed by hard 5 – 10 min efforts off the front.  It is working more VO2 and FTP.  The other major difference was the lack of Tucker rides prior to June this season.  There was a lot of rain this year, and I also had a lot of Saturday’s booked with racing, so I didn’t get a stretch of Tucker rides until late June.  I find that 4 weekends in a row of 86 miles to/from Tucker with hard efforts off the front plus a few hard midweek / Strava chasing group rides can be a nice ying/yang with hard / long mixed with short / hard.  That combination (long Tucker and shorter intown) is a nice mix if I’ve already built up FTP in January – March.  So, hopefully Mother Nature and maybe a little less March racing will get me in better shape faster next season.

Next Up: Greenville SRS Championship Finale Race Weekend September 14th and 15th.  Then, it’s on to September 28th Rocky Face, GA for Georgia Cyclocross race #1.  It never ends around here….

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