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It’s been over a month since I’ve last posted, and little did I know during my last post that I was racing with a herniated disc and several annular tears. However, what I’ve learned since taking a month off the bike and later starting physical therapy is that rest by itself will not fix anything. Also, at my age, “fixing” in the form of “healing” may not be the correct way to look at things. I may never get my MRI to reverse. In other words, I may live the rest of my life with a herniated disc and several annular tears, but the pain that accompanies these things is what I am working to remove. Physical Therapy has helped me understand that my muscle imbalances are likely larger causes of “pain” than the herniation. That is counter intuitive, but the theory is that I need to fix my imbalances, get pain free, then worry about the things that are showing up on the MRI like the herniation and annular tears.

I attend an excellent physical therapist in Smyrna called SET Physical Therapy. Within one session, Stacy had diagnosed several imbalances that included tight hamstrings, weak glutes, and tight hip flexors. We are doing acupuncture (dry needling) and various stretches and weights to fix those areas. After four sessions, I can see the road to pain free riding is in my future, but it’ll take another 4 – 8 weeks most likely. Since it’s now September, I’m fine with that timeline so I can be ready to start winter build in November.

Luckily, I’m married to the best workers’ compensation attorney in Atlanta, Georgia, so I had deep insight on the doctors who could help me with my back issues.  Time will tell whether we can solve these problems, so stay tuned.

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My Ride

My Orbea Orca will be my ride of choice in the 2008 road season.  And, now that I have added the Powertap SL, I am ready to learn a few things this season.  If only these high priced items could peddle for me….

Orbea Orca

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This is going to be my tentative road racing schedule this season.  Don’t hold me to it, but this is the plan for now.  I’ll try to post pictures and a write-up after each race.  The length will depend on whether or not people are reading, so shoot me a quick comment if you end up reading.  I’ll add more of everything if people are interested.  If not, I’ll keep it short and to the point like race name – dropped – damn….or something like that…

My Tentative 2008 Road Schedule: 

s7racing.jpg                     gclogo.jpg        

1. April 5th – Gainsville, GA  — Road/Crit? (“C” Race)

2. May 4th – Sandy Springs Crit (“A” Race)

3. May 10th – Cumming, GA  (Georgia Cup — Highly Tentative)

4. May 25th – One stage of Tour of Atlanta (maybe circuit race?)

5. July 24 – Gwinnett Bike Fest (not sure what races are available….love a comment from someone who has raced this in past years)

6. Aug 30th – Dahlonega GC?

7. Sept 13th – Buckhead Crit – Georgia Cup Series (“A” Race)

My Tentative 2008 Road Schedule:

1. Oct 11th – Georgia Cross Weekend (1st Cyclocross Race….watch for medical tent pictures…)

2. Oct/Nov – Winder/Monroe/Macon???  Need to figure out…

3. Nov 16th  – Augusta?

Dec – Too Cold Most Likely….maybe Dahlonega…doubt it…

Note: I’ll be fried if I do half these 2008 races noted above….looking for 5 completed races as “success”

Georgia Cup Website Schedule for 2008:


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